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The various components of your braces are intended to create a functional system capable that will correct the alignment of your teeth. Your braces are designed to be durable enough to handle the basic function of biting and chewing most common foods.

However, it is possible for a component to become bent, damaged or loosened by certain foods and activities. This could include eating sticky or hard foods. You should also note that bad habits like using your teeth to open packages or chewing on pens and pencils can also compromise the hardware of your braces.

If you do suffer a problem with some element of your braces, it could alter the tension which could potentially complicate the realignment process. This could potentially harm your soft oral tissues and increase the amount of time it takes to correct the alignment of your teeth.
In a situation like this the wisest course of action is to have it examined and addressed at Coastal Orthodontic Care. Depending on the severity of the problem our orthodontist, Dr. Lautt might simply replace the damaged component.

If you are in Ventura, California, area and you have a loose or damaged component on your braces, you should call 805-650-1080 to have it examined and corrected.