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Every smile is different, which means that not every type of orthodontic treatment will work for everyone. Based on your preferences and needs, our orthodontist can help you find an orthodontic treatment that can help you in the best way possible.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Lautt with Coastal Orthodontic Care in Ventura, California, cares about your smile and is happy to provide you with some necessary intel on the different styles of orthodontic treatment. These include:

-Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces are a fun and fantastic style when it comes to braces. These braces are made of ceramic, which means they can blend in with your teeth making them harder to notice. Additionally, they can come in various colors for anyone, especially teens, who love a fun splash of color.

-Traditional braces: Metal wires and rubber bands make these braces known by many and easy to identify. They work by pulling your teeth into the ideal place over time. Traditional braces are proven to be reliable despite their appearance.

-Clear Aligners: Invisalign® is a system of transparent aligners made from plastic-like materials that can snap on your teeth. You can trade them in for a new one approximately every two weeks. There is no food or drink restrictions either. These aligners are also the most discreet option when it comes to enhancing the alignment of your teeth.

If you are wondering which orthodontic treatment is ideal for you, then our team can help you! Our dental team is happy to give you a consultation about the healthiest way to align your smile. So, call us today at 805-650-1080 to make an appointment. We are always happy to help you smile!