Customize Your Orthodontic Care with Invisalign®

When it comes to receiving orthodontic treatment, metal braces aren’t the only option to enhance your smile. In fact, the bulky metal brackets and wires often deter patients from seeking solutions to crooked teeth. If braces don’t seem like an ideal treatment for you, then we invite you to consider... Read more »

What Are Braces For?

Braces are a particular kind of orthodontic treatment used to correct “bad bites,” or malocclusion. Malocclusion refers to when there is an imperfect alignment of the teeth when the jaws are closed. They may crooked or crowded, or it could be that the upper and lower jaws don’t match up.... Read more »

A Loose Braces Component Needs an Orthodontist’s Attention

The various components of your braces are intended to create a functional system capable that will correct the alignment of your teeth. Your braces are designed to be durable enough to handle the basic function of biting and chewing most common foods. However, it is possible for a component to... Read more »

Brace Yourself for Braces

Many people wear braces on their teeth. Traditional braces use brackets and wires to properly align the wearer’s teeth. Many young people get braces when they are younger since their jaws are still growing. However, Many adults are taking advantage of orthodontics and having their smiles straightened. If you have... Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Habits Are Important with Braces

Traditional braces incorporate a series of metal brackets that are cemented onto the front surfaces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. They are integrated with orthodontic wires and other hardware components to create a system capable of gradually realigning your teeth. This process of straightening and aligning your... Read more »

Invisalign®: The Path to a Straighter Smile

If you are hesitant about straightening your teeth with the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces, ask Dr. Lautt about Invisalign® in Ventura, California. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to gently straighten your smile over time. Consultation When you come in for your consultation appointment, our orthodontist... Read more »

Wearing Braces? Improve Your Results With Good Daily Oral Hygiene and Routine Cleanings

Plaque can accumulate on your teeth with or without braces, but adding brackets, wires, and elastic bands can increase plaque building up in those areas. To keep plaque under control. you want to brush, floss, and see your dentist for regular dental cleanings and checkups. Many patients have enjoyed using... Read more »

Expectations When Getting Braces

If you or a family member needs orthodontic care, you may want to know what to expect, to ensure you are comfortable with wearing braces. There are different adjustments when getting orthodontic treatment, but with knowledge and understanding, you can bypass issues and enjoy the process. Once treatment is completed,... Read more »

Rare Orthodontic Appliances

You’ve probably heard of braces and retainers, but are you aware of jaw repositioners? What about space maintainers? Lip and cheek bumpers? Dental devices come in a number of forms and fashions, and if you’ve got crooked chompers or other misalignment conditions, there’s something we can do for you. The... Read more »

How to Maintain a Healthy Smile When You Have Braces

When you align your smile with braces, plaque and food particles can easily gather around your appliance and between your teeth and cause issues. If you don’t take good care of your teeth and gums during your orthodontic journey, there is a good chance you could suffer a poor oral... Read more »