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At some point, your dentist may notice that there are some problems with your teeth or jaw that require your teeth to be realigned. At that point he or she may suggest that you visit with an orthodontist such as Dr. Lautt at Coastal Orthodontic Care.

When you come to see us, Dr. Lautt will perform an exam of your mouth, including your jaws and teeth. The doctor will also take a series of x-rays so that he can get a clear understanding of the position of your teeth. When that is we’ll take an impression of your teeth, also called a dental cast. The doctor will use this cast to evaluate your bite. If your mouth is overcrowded, the doctor may suggest that one or more teeth be extracted to make room for your other teeth.

After the exams, we’ll create a treatment plan just for you. If you are considering braces, or if your dentist has suggested you get them, give us a call at 805-650-1080 in Ventura, California. We look forward to seeing you!