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If you have endured the many months it can take to align your smile then we are excited for you! After your teeth are aligned, for many people it’s important to keep the alignment in place through the use of a retainer. A retainer can keep your smile aligned at night for years to come, so your smile can be beautiful for many years to come.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Lautt, is happy to help you with your retainer needs. To help you understand more about the power of retainers, our team at Coastal Orthodontic Care in Ventura, California, is happy to share some information.

Here is a list of ways a retainer can be beneficial to your smile:

– Retainers work as the last stage of orthodontic treatment to help reset your smile.
– You should consider wearing your retainers on a nightly basis.
– Wearing your retainers can help offset issues associated with poor oral health and can even help minimize the effects of diabetes-related ailments.
– Retainers have been shown to help with speech impediments.
– Retainers will keep your teeth straight so that they will be easier to clean and less likely to suffer from cavities and tooth decay.
– Snoring and other sleep disorders are minimized with the use of retainers, as they do provide some benefits for helping keep your teeth and jaw in alignment.

As you can see, a retainer can be helpful to your smile. If you have questions about retainers, or if you find yourself in need of one, please call us today at 805-650-1080 to make an appointment. We are happy to help keep your smile in top-notch shape.