Wearing Braces? Improve Your Results With Good Daily Oral Hygiene and Routine Cleanings

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Plaque can accumulate on your teeth with or without braces, but adding brackets, wires, and elastic bands can increase plaque building up in those areas. To keep plaque under control. you want to brush, floss, and see your dentist for regular dental cleanings and checkups.

Many patients have enjoyed using an electric toothbrush to clean teeth and a water flosser to clean between teeth and around the gumline to remove plaque, as well as around the brackets, wires, and bands. Using a fluoride toothpaste can help tooth enamel stay mineralized. If you are prone to cavities or gum disease, you can add an oral rinse that reduces bacteria and plaque.

There are two very strong motivators to maintaining your daily oral hygiene commitment:

1) Preventing gingivitis and cavities actually help keep your braces removal time on track. Unfortunately, having to delay scheduled adjustments to take care of dental treatments for tooth decay and sore, swollen gums can delay braces removal.

2) When your braces come off, you want your teeth to look healthy and clean. You don’t want to see stains or permanent discoloration on tooth enamel because plaque and bacterial debris built up and sunk into the enamel under your braces.

For best results when wearing braces, always follow your orthodontist’s advice and see your dentist regularly. To speak with someone from our caring staff, call our Coastal Orthodontic Care team in Ventura, California at 805-650-1080. Our orthodontist, Dr. Adam Lautt is ready to help you create a healthy, confident smile!